Why I do it.

Here I am, once again at an Airport, waiting for a connection flight for the needs of my full time job.  Which by the way, has nothing to do with photography.  Among many travelers, the hustle and bustle of people running from terminal to terminal, I sit here with my smartphone and head phones running to my ears.  Quietly listening to songs like: Stand by Me, Day-O, Jamaica Farewell, Louie Louie and similar songs of eras past; I stare at my computer screen, on a courtesy desk in front of me, thinking about where I started, where I am at and most importantly where I am going with my photography.  “Why am I doing this?” I ask myself.  I know I am not going to get rich or famous doing what I am doing, but I do it anyway.  Deep in thought and glued to my computer screen, I work on photo edits from one of my most recent sessions, then it dawns on me… I am not taking on jobs just because I enjoy photography. I am taking the jobs because I love to see the joy it brings to others when they see what I have captured for them.  It is this this keeps me going and motivates me to continue perfecting my skill at capturing special moments in time.

I recently captured a Quinceañera Celebration for a wonderful young lady, Nathaly Flores, and her family.  At the event were many friends and family members with cameras in hand; most, if not all of them, were focused on their personal involvement of the celebration.  There were many smartphone cameras, point and shoot cameras, video cameras… some guests even had cameras just like mine.  I, on the other hand, was all over the place at each venue following the Quinceañera and her family.  “What makes my photos different from everyone else that was there?” I ask myself.  I believe it is this; I, like many other professional photographers, bring a unique perspective to an event.  It is my job not only to capture the special moments, but also to look for details and angles that others may miss.  Not because they don't care, or because they did not see it, but because they are busy living in the moment and rightfully so. They should all live in the moment, that is why they are there.  From the hair and makeup session, the moment her mom helped with her dress, to the church ceremony and the ballroom celebration; I was there making sure the memories were captured so they may forever be remembered. More importantly, I was there so the Flores family would be able to live in the moment. 

I would like to share with all of you a few photos from this wonderful event. I ask that you take time to comment below, share your thoughts on this blog post and help me wish Nathaly a Happy 15th Birthday.  

Thank you for stopping by.

Nathaly and her mom getting ready for the big celebration.

Nathaly's Make Up Session

Mom helps with final adjustments on dress

Nathaly ready for the big day

There is always time to stop and smell the flowers

Nathaly making her promise to live by the word of God

The Flores family is ready to party!

Nathaly and her Chambelanes (Escorts of Honor)

Nathaly shedding a tear of joy during her Father Daughter Dance, as Mom and guest look on.

Father's presentation of "La Ultma Muñeca" (The Last Doll)

Nathaly letting loose and have a good time

Cutting of the cake for guests to enjoy

Nathaly looking very excited after opening her "Regalo de Sorpresa" (Surprise Gift)

Dancing the night away and celebrating with good friends.