What? No backdrop?

I am a HUGE FAN of HSS, High Speed Sync.  What is HHS you ask?  HSS is a photography technique, in which a photographer is able to shoot photos using flash at faster shutter speeds than the typical flash sync speed.  Still confused?  It's ok, it took me a while to get it too.  Basically what that mean is, I can make a background dark, even if there the lights are on in a room; the only thing that is visible in the photo will be anything that is hit with the camera flash.

When I use this technique in front of clients for the first time, they are usually shocked that I am not using a backdrop.  Most of the time they think I am crazy, especially because backgrounds are usually cluttered with things you typically would not want in a photo.  For example, today I had a photo session, for the Cesar Chavez Middle School - Jewelettes Drill Team, in the background were the following: teachers desk, book shelves, drinking fountain and some other junk that was just on the floor.  The results?  Well just take a look at this photo and you be the judge.

Feel free to comment below and share MagallonPhotography.com.  If you would like to learn to shoot HSS feel free to reach out to me for private lessons.  In the mean time, keep those cameras clicking and thanks for stopping by my blog.

BTS Photo by Claudia Magallon