Introducing Oliver!

On December 17th 2015, my brother Christopher and his wife Holly became the proud parents of their second child, Oliver Morgan Magallon.  Two days later I received a phone call from my brother asking, "When can we take photos of Oliver?!?".  I had been waiting for this call since the day I found out they were having baby number two.  Oliver was delivered in good health 1 month before his due date, and was able to come home a few days later.  I was anxious to schedule a photo session; unfortunately, I had 3 other obligations for Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  But as soon as Tuesday came around I, along with my wife and children, were off to photography my new nephew.

We set up in my brothers living room with a small portable back drop, soft boxes, speedlites and wireless triggers. Using this set up, along with my Nifty Fifty 50mm Lens and a Canon DSLR, I was able to make the following images for them.  

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