Event Photography for Clients & Photographers

***UPDATED INFO: after you register as a Coordinator or Photographer, Click Here to visit the new GeoSnapShot USA Photographers Facebook Group after you sign up for the service***

Are you looking to book an Event Photographer, but don't know where to find one; or maybe you found one, but can not afford the hourly rate they charge?

Are you an Event Photographer that would like to be connected with Event Coordinators; or maybe you already have Event Photos but do not know how to distribute them to potential clients?

If you answer yes to either question this blog post is for you!

So you may be asking, "What exactly is GeoSnapShot and how does it work?"

GeoSnapShot is a platform for Event Coordinators and Event Photographers, like yourself, to help put you in contact with one another.

How does it work?

For Event Coordinators:
-Event Coordinator signs up for free account, using my affiliate link
-Event Coordinator will create an Event Request for Photographers
-Registered Event Photographers can search for events on the Events Calendar
-GeoSnapShot may also notify Registered Photographers of new local events
-Photographers sign up for event (number of photographers specified by Event Coordinator)
-Event Planner will then coordinate with photographers on event details
-Photographers upload images to the Event Album
-Event Coordinator is granted a License to use 10 FREE images and only pays a license fee for additional images they need (licensing fee set by photographer)
-If an Event Album is open to the public anyone may view and download for personal use
-Event Photographer is then paid a commission for each image license sold

Example:  Sally is and event coordinator for an up coming Balloon Festival, but does not have a budget to hire an hourly photographer.  Although, Sally would love for Event Photographers to be present and capture the event so she can share some photos on social media and print a few images to display in her office.  Sally would also like attendees of the Balloon Festival to have access to photos of the event so they may relive the moments they experienced.  Sally uses Magallon Photography's Affiliate link to request 10 photographers for event, free of charge, and all 10 slots get filled.  Sally coordinates with Event Photographers and explains how they will gain access to the event.  Photographers capture images of the event and upload to the Event Album on GeoSnapShot.  Sally, and guests of the event, will now have access to all the uploaded Balloon Festival images and may download them after paying for a personal use license. It is recommended that both the Event Coordinator and Event Photographer advertise the event photos link for maximum exposure.  If given enough time Magallon Photography may be able to provide a limited supply promotional material to help promote the event image link.

Private Events can also be booked using GeoSnapShot, additionally you can add Passwords to Event Albums.  Event Coordinators can then provide passwords to targeted guests  so only they have access to the Event Albums

For Photographers:
-sign up for a free account using my affiliate link ;-)
-create an event album
-upload your images of a public event you attended
-specify your licensing fee
-advertise your gallery to Event Coordinators and Attendees of event
-get paid a commission for each license sold

Example: Mario is a photographer that attended a public event, on his own, and captured images at the event.  He would like to make images available to the public. Mario uploads photos, sets license fee, advertises his link to potential buyers.

What type of events can be covered?

  • Sports
  • Food/Music Festivals
  • Private Events
  • Trade Shows
  • Corporate Events
  • Fund Raising Events
  • Music Events
  • If there is an event you can think of it can probably be covered using this service

Signing up is FREE for anyone!  Users may view sample images, at no charge, and only pay if a Personal Use License is needed to download an image.

The best part of this offer, it is available for users from around the world.  As long as registered photographers in your area you can take advantage of this service.  If there are no registered photographers in your area, NO PROBLEM, all you have to do is (www.geosnapshot.com/a/magallonphotography) with photographers in your area and they can register as an Event Photographer for free!

Contact me directly if you have any questions or visit my affiliate link to sign up and get more information.  Also reach out to me if you need event images that included a Commercial Use License.

Remember to use my affiliate link, when signing up, so they know I sent you; and share my link with anyone everyone that would benefit from this service.