This one is over due.

Hey Everyone,

Sorry I have not update my blog in the last two months.  A funny thing happen... I got busy with photography.  "Well of course Mario! You are a photographer." Well, yes, but I am also a Full Time Regional Service Supervisor for a major mobile phone company.  Photography is a passion that I am able to satisfy on the weekends by shooting sessions of: couples, families, children, sports teams, action sports, weddings, quinceaneras and much more...  My weekdays have been taken up the last couple of year by traveling to West Texas and New Mexico, for my full time job.  So, as you can imagine, when I work in my home area I spend my weekday evenings with my family.  Recently, late January to more precise, the mobile company I work for went through some major structure changes; for many in our company this meant they no longer had a job, for others like myself, this meant a new boss and a new area to cover.  When the new areas were announced my area shrunk down to only South Texas, my home area.  I don't know how long I will support South Texas only, with out the need for extensive travel... BUT I'LL TAKE IT!

Staying in my home area for my full time job has allowed me to take on additional photography opportunities in the evenings.  As a result I have been busy with both capturing and editing photos more than ever.

I would like to thank everyone that has stopped by to check for updates and to everyone that follows me on social media.  All the compliments and kind words about my work are truly motivating.  I hope my passion for photography will some day grow into something I can do full time allowing me to always work from my South Texas Home.

I leave you with a few photos I have created over the two months.  Feel free to leave questions or comments below or reach out to me via email or social media.

Parents Night basketball photo by: Peter Magallon (my 8 year old son)