It's the small details that count

What a beautiful Texas morning, well probably afternoon by the time this post goes up.  This morning, shortly after letting our pups out to do their business, I decided to sit outside for a while to enjoy the cool morning breeze.  As I sat on my rot iron rocking chair, sipping on my vanilla flavored coffee, prepared by my wife just a few minutes before, I took some time to reflect back on how the whole "" thing started for me. Today brings yet another photo event for me to capture, scheduled for later this evening, and it seems like what started as a hobby over 20 years ago has unintentionally grown into, a thriving, full time job.  I remember the days when I captured images just for fun or because my family had something special happening that day.  The day I started photographing my children at sporting events is the day things started to change. Approximately 7 years ago my oldest son began playing sports in middle school.  I, of course, wanting to capture the memories took my Canon XTi with me, paired with a 50mm 1.8, and began shooting games.  As most photographers know, that is not the best combination of gear to get the job done, but it is what I had available and it did better than gear other parents brought to the dimly lit games. From that day forward other parents saw my work, which I  posted to Facebook, and started asking if I could photograph their children as well; to which I obliged.  As a matter a fact, to this day, photos I captured during those sporting events are still on the walls of Irene Garcia Middle School.  But going further back, to my earlier photography work, I realize that most of it was of: landscapes, animals and macro shots of flowers and insects.  As I sat in the rocking chair, still sipping on coffee and watching our pups wrestle in the back yard, I thought about everything that has lead to my "success" as a "people photographer" and about the older works I would once create.  At that moment, I found that right in front of me was a photo waiting to be captured.  There are many weeds growing along my back porch, now sprouting flower blooms, because I have not had time to cut our yard the last few weeks due to photography work. Also present were Sweat Bees hovering from bloom to bloom collecting pollen.  At this point I put my coffee down and fetched my "2nd Back Up Camera", a Canon 70D and paired it with a 24mm lens and a home made close up filter I made years back.  The result was something I have not created in many years.  

I leave you with these two photos, the first is what most people see, the second is from the eye of a photographer.

Thank you for visiting and taking the time to ready my blog.


Back Yard Weeds

Sweat Bee Close Up