Family Session at The Pump House

This past Sunday I meet with the Saycocie Family because Mr. & Mrs. Saycocie decided it was time to take some new family photos. While they were at it, they also wanted to have some couples photos made to celebrate their up coming 15 year wedding anniversary.  

When Maricarmen, Mrs. Saycocie, first contacted me she had a vague idea of the style of photos she wanted made and was not 100% sure where she wanted the session to be held.  What she did know was, she wanted them made outdoors and not in a studio.  Once Maricarmen informed me of the date she would like to have her family session, I knew immediately where we would shoot it. I informed Maricarmen that I already had another photo session scheduled for the date she was requesting, but I would still be able to accommodate her family if they could meet me, at The Old Hidalgo Pump House, at least 2 hours before my other session began.  My plan was to meet with my other client here already, so why not kill two birds with one stone.

The Pump House, located in Hidalgo Texas, is a wonderful location that provides photographers with many photo opportunities.  When I arrived with my assistant we were the only photography team present, but that did not last long.  By the time the Saycocie Family had arrived the Pump House grounds were teaming with photographers.  A one point I counted 8 different sessions happening at the same time.  The good news, the Pump House grounds are large enough that photographers could not possibly get in each others way.

We utilized over 10 spots as back drops and still had angles and corners that went unexplored.  All in all, we had a good time and came back with some great images. 

Thank you Mr. & Mrs Saycocie for having me as your photographer, it was truly a pleasure.  I wish you both a Happy Anniversary and hope our paths meet again.

Kiss a Senior

Sorry, this blog entry is not about photography.  But you may still find this story interesting.  Back in High School there were many special days celebrated: First day of school, last day of school, first football game, Christmas break, prom and many many more... but one day that I remember, vividly, was a day called "Kiss a Senior Day".


Kiss a Senior Day was an unofficial day celebrated near the end of the school year by students, some more than others, where one would to walk up to a Senior and give them a peck on the cheek and wish them well after they graduated.  Although, many also used it as an excuse to kiss a Senior they had a crush on before the school year was over, because they possibly would never see them again.


I take you back to 1993, Hall D, at La Joya High School, Kiss a Senior Day.  As I walked down Hall D, to get to my next class, a cute freshman who I had never meet before walked up to me and asked, "You are a Senior, right?", to which I replied, "Yes."  Without skipping a beat she kissed me on the cheek, then ran away.  I quietly looked around, and thankfully, there was no one around to see me blush.  I thought about that freshman all day and wondered who she was.  Eventually we would run into each other again and again, but she would always hide from me, by turning around then walking in the opposite direction.  Eventually, her best friend came upto me to tell me that he friend had a crush on me, but she was too embarrassed to see me in person because of what she did.  Later that summer, after I had graduated, she had the courage to talk to me, and I asked her out on a date.  "The rest", as they say, "is history."  3 years later I married that shy, cute, freshman.


I would like to say to my wife, HAPPY 19TH ANNIVERSARY!  Thank you for that first special kiss. It will never be forgotten. 



May there be many more.

May there be many more.