New Site, New Blog

Well, here it is! 

My website has been updated with a new look. I never thought putting together an online portfolio would be such a challenge.  

I was asking myself, "What categories should I make for my portfolios?"   I thought to myself, "Maybe I will show off some celebration photos, pet photography, how about landscape and seascape photos... then there are product photos and fun project photos... oh and macro photos of insects. Wait, what about the flower photos and star photos... OH NO! I have too many categories to showcase."  Finally it came down to this, I simply asked myself what photos have I created that people love the most. I realized that it is not the ones of places that I have visited, things that I have seen or new photography techniques that I have learned.  No, none of those.  The photos that seem to get the most emotion from people that view my work or the photos of the people themselves.  So with that in mind, my online portfolio is all based on people and the things they love and the things that define who they are.

Once that decision was made, the biggest challenge came in the form of choosing what photos to post up.  Can you imagine sorting through over 40,000 images taken over several years, then trying to narrow it down to no more that 15 per portfolio category?  Well that is what I just wrapped up.  It was tough and time consuming, but I think I am now showing some of my best work of people.  I would love to hear your thoughts on the images I have selected, so feel free to comment below.

As you can tell, another addition to my page is this very blog that you are currently reading.  I plan on updating my blog a minimum of once per week to let everyone know what projects I am working on, which may or may not be people photography. I also post up tips and tricks on how to learn photography.

So, come back to for more blog entries.  Share what you see here to your social media pages and reach out to me if you ever have any questions.

Take care and thanks for stopping by.